Europe Trip Day 12-13 ~ Across the Pond

You never realize how nice to is to simply take a short ride across the pond to be in another country until you’re in Europe. It takes the same amount of time that it takes me to travel from school to home. If you don’t mind the ticket price and getting through lovely security, it’s definitely worth it.

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Europe Trip Day 12-13 ~ Pubs and A hunt for tea

I’ve always wanted to return to London. It’s one of those countries I wish I could spend weeks exploring its street and the countryside surrounding the mighty city. It’s a place where so many cultures mix and collide, where everyone is your mate and music is everywhere. You walk down the street and instantly you’re hit with a dozen languages, and even your own sounds a like foreign. My heart was overjoyed when our train pulled into the station.

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Europe Trip Day 3 ~ The City that Rebuilt

Well one country down and another to experience. We left early this morning to travel by bus to the wonderful country of Germany. Let’s just say there were a lot of naps taken today. Something about the swaying of the bus puts you to sleep instantly. The best part though is that still silent of everyone fast asleep. It’s just you and your book. That is until you fall asleep yourself. Then you wake up and you’re in a whole different country. There’s no border crossing like in the States. You can completely able to leave your country to live in another and no one would care. The countries just blend into each other, but still hold on their cultures and languages.

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