Not All That Wander Are Lost ~ Day 9

So I know this blog is suppose to focus on refugees, but I also want to focus on the fact that it’s about living. It’s a documentation of me getting out of my comfort zone and seeing where the Lord takes me.

As William Wallace put it, “every man dies. Not every man lives.” We have a fragile yet amazing life and world full of adventure and beauty. Why not get out and see it? During IMG_9629.JPGthis whole trip, I’ve been able to step out and do things that many will only dream of. I’ve spent time with refugees, went shopping in an Arab market, had lunch with the Sheikh, and swam in the dead sea. I even covered myself in mud. I’ve had food that I never pictured myself trying. I’ve survived that insane driving of Amman, which is about three times as worse than Chicago. I’ve climb to the top of Mount Nebo, where Moses looked out over the Promise Land, knowing that he will never step a foot in it. It’s amazing how much of the rolling hills and villages you can see from up there.

IMG_1869.JPGI’ve hiked miles to stare at the massive stone building that’s Petra’s treasury. I’ve ventured off the paved path and up into the caves that were once tombs of those long since gone. That’s one of the great things about Jordan; you can climb and explore everything! Which Hannah did, while we took all the pictures. Sierra and I explored what used to be a theatre, where we met three little girls who were excited to talk to americans but ran away and giggled at the thought of their picture being taken. I rode a camel and had my scarf wrapped the bedouin way. I had an arab guide call me Bae, get shut down, and then watch him turn and called my friend next to me lover. They all look like Jack Sparrow! No joke.  I got to make friends with a store owner and shared an ice cream with two girls who have become my greatest friends on this trip. Honestly I don’t know how I would have made it without them.

Now I have two days left before I board a plane home, and I’ll admit I’ve been a little homesick. I’ll bet you I’ll send at least a week trying to get my body back on schedule, but it’s been a trip so far for the books. Sure, it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve all had things we’ve struggled with. I’ve had to deal with the confusion of not exactly knowing why I’m on this trip, as well as the doubt that I won’t be good enough to do the job I was sent here to do or that I won’t find my place among the group. We’ve had illness and mental mountains to climb, but in the end, our eyes have been opened.

We’ve seen the sadness of humanity but also the hope that comes with it. We’ve learned to accept that we can’t fix everything, and that exploring is one of the best things we could do. By doing so, we’re seeing the way God made things and are getting a chance to see more of His work. This is way we travel, and this is one of the reason I’m here. I’m here to alive, and I’m excited to see how the rest of this adventure plays out.


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