16114746_1041185335987254_3096547219925268339_nDo you know you live your life through a lens? Most of the time, it’s your own. The world you see around you is of your own creating shaped by your beliefs. More and more though people are allowing outside forces to control their lens. They let the media shape their opinions of others, while accepting its facts as absolute truth.

Heck! It happens to me, and I’m a film student. I know just how powerful the media can be in shaping our worldview, but what would happen if we actually went and saw things for ourselves? What if we looked at the same events the news feds us, but this time without a filter? Would we see the world that we’ve always been told, or would we see something else? Would we see a raw world full of pain, or would there be humans being like you and me striving to find the hope that’s so easily lost in Sunday paper?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but what I can tell you is this:

I’m going to Jordan, because I want to see the people that we’ve forgotten about or only define by statics for myself. No filter of the media. No bias opinion influencing my work. I want to look into their eyes and let them leave their mark on my soul. I want to hear their stories and let them captivate me. I want to watch them smile, as they realize that they are people out there who truly care and love them instead of just using them as a center for debate or pre-judgements.

Now it’s your turn. Will you trust me enough to control your lens for a little while?


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