Islam: Mixed Feelings ~ Day 7

Life is an adventure. It takes us places that we could only imagine and pushes us to step outside our realm of knowledge and into thoughts of our own. How much it does though is up to us; we are the ones who dare to be changed or choose to stay safe. Today I took a bigger step than I realized, and the world showed me things I never thought I’d experience. ¬† Continue reading “Islam: Mixed Feelings ~ Day 7”


A New City and A Little Jet Lag ~ Day 1

Have you ever had that feeling where what’s going on around you doesn’t feel real? It’s weird like you know it’s happening, but it hasn’t quite clicked. Yeah, that was the feeling I had until I stepped off the plane and into a country that I’ve only read about. It took driving through the city and actually spending a night for the point that I was no longer in rural Michigan to finally hit me with a wave of confusion and a little shock. Continue reading “A New City and A Little Jet Lag ~ Day 1”

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